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Social Media in 2023 – What Travel Businesses Need to Know

As a travel business, social media marketing is an essential tool to showcase your destinations and services. But with the constant changes in social media trends, it can be hard to keep track. So we’ve rounded up what you need to know for 2023:

Grab attention with reels and text over images

Incorporating reels and text over images in your social media marketing strategy can help you catch the attention of potential customers a lot quicker than through beautiful photos, which are now visible on so many accounts it’s difficult to stand out. Adding text overlays on images or videos can help you convey your message more efficiently and get your point across without the need for lengthy captions.

Double down on what’s working for you

Instagram and Facebook are increasing the amount of suggested posts people are seeing in their feed. Those recommendations are based on factors such as who the person follows (i.e. other travel accounts similar to yours), what they have liked, saved or commented on, the type of posts they typically engage with…etc. So, for you to get recommended to more people (and not just any people but the right people), it is crucial to double down on what is getting YOU the most engagement from your target audience, whether that’s a particular format, a type of video that could become a series…etc.

Use keywords in captions

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are now allowing users to search for content based on keywords. In fact, TikTok surpasses Google as a search engine for Gen Z. So make sure to place relevant keywords in your captions to make it easier for potential customers to find you. We also recommend putting your hashtags in your captions as they count as keywords (but aren’t read as keywords if placed in the comments). 

By being mindful of these trends when creating your social media content this year, you’ll be able to effectively promote your travel business on social media and reach your marketing goals whether that’s growing your followers, boosting your engagement or generating new leads and clients. Remember to analyse your results regularly and adjust your strategy accordingly to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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