But we're not your typical social media agency. Our mission goes beyond just increasing visibility and followers. We're here to connect you with like-minded travellers, inspire impactful journeys through storytelling, and amplify your positive impact. We believe in the influential power of social media to inspire change, and that's what drives us.

We’re a social media consultancy, agency, and content creation studio for sustainability-minded travel businesses.


We firmly believe that creating a positive impact starts with telling the right stories – the ones that resonate, inspire, and authentically represent the local communities you serve. Only then is change possible.

That's what Cerita does. We use decades of marketing and social media experience, along with a lifetime of global exploration that instilled in us a deep appreciation for the local soul of each destination. We help you craft authentic narratives that showcase your unique offerings, resonate with travellers, and drive more meaningful conversions.

Conscious people, captivating stories 

why do we care?

Meet our Founder & Chief Strategist, Valerie.

This is her story:

This curiosity for places around us - near and far - and emphasis on all things local would lay the foundation for a very particular way of travelling that has been with me ever since. We never gave it a name or spoke about why it was important to travel in that way; it just was. 

I had no idea at the time... 

I was born to parents who, although they didn’t get to travel growing up, were really eager to explore in their adult life. They wanted to learn about the history of the places around us, immerse themselves in the local lifestyle, chat with the locals, meet with local artisans and try all the local food specialties. 

My story really began when I went on my first trip, age 3 

People come to learn about sustainable travel in different ways. Some because of environmental concerns. Others, because they see the impact first-hand on their local community. For me, I experienced first the positive impact that it could have on a person - a traveller - before learning about the wider impact tourism can have on countries, local communities and eventually, the environment. 

I didn't realise the full impact of travel until much later, as I went through my own adventures around the world.

it's nice to meet you!

I started this consultancy, agency and content studio to help businesses like yours, who believe in positive impact travel and want to see more travellers exploring consciously, to get in front of their target audience on social media, build an engaged community, educate them on sustainability and convert them into clients.


By that point, I had been working in social media + digital marketing for 10+ years. I was heading up social media for a renowned sales, pr & marketing agency specialising in luxury travel, hospitality and wellness (that I still love and consult for to this day). I was, however also craving a deeper purpose and impact with my work. The 2020 pandemic ended up providing me with the opportunity to make a change.

Once you know this,  it's impossible not to care

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Nice to meet you!

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