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3 Ways To Use Instagram Stories To Showcase Your Travel Services

If you always struggle with ideas for what to post on your Instagram and Facebook stories so you can showcase the incredible work your team does day to day, fear not, I’ve got you covered! 

Instagram stories are a must, in addition to feed posts, for travel businesses. They help you connect with your community in a less curated way than through feed posts, can be a great engagement booster and are a fantastic tool for lead generation when utilised strategically (which of course, is our speciality here at Valerie Merut Consulting!).

So, let’s look at 3 ways you can showcase all that good work through your stories every single week. Yes, these are rinse and repeat prompts you can keep using for months to come! 

Behind the scenes content 

Give people a glimpse of what you are working on for your clients that day! For example, are you planning a new itinerary ? Talk about it. Where are your clients looking to go? How long for? What kind of activities are you including in their itinerary? Are you chasing a refund for a client or securing perks for another traveller about to head on their trip? Share about your day-to-day; it’s a great way to showcase all the hard (and fun) work that goes into your services.


Share kind words from past clients, outlining each time the service you provided them with; a nice subtle reminder of what you do! Bonus tip: only include the tours or types of trip you would love to get more enquiries for. If you ever find the leads coming through aren’t quite right, look at what you’re pushing through your content. Are you encouraging the right type of travellers to get in touch? Show them what the “right” type of inquiry is for you.

Insights from conversations you’re having with clients

Talk about the conversations you’re having with your clients (preserving their privacy, of course). This is another way to subtly remind your followers of what you do. What was a situation that came up lately? What questions have they been asking? How did you manage to secure a quick win for a client currently abroad? Share insights and tidbits of information, always prefacing with context around the work you are doing for that client. 

To recap, you absolutely should share about your work on Instagram stories. It is such a fun and engaging way to allow your community to connect with you and your team whilst educating them, ever so subtly, on how you can help them with their next trip. I can guarantee you, it will help make your promotional posts that more impactful.

PS: If you’d like to build a strategy that attracts the right travelers to your social media accounts, engages your community in a meaningful way and converts followers into leads and clients, we offer a 3-month done-with-you consulting programme curated for and tailored specifically to your business. Interested in finding out more? Click here.

Which of the above prompts are you most excited about and looking to experiment with next? Let me know in the comments below.

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