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3 Ways To Get In Front Of More Conscious Travellers

Whether sustainability has always been at the core of your travel business or it is a new direction that you are actively working towards, chances are, you have wondered before how you can make your business visible to like-minded travellers.

After all, sure, you can (and you should) educate your current audience who maybe isn’t as familiar with the importance of sustainable travel, but what about the travellers who already “get it” and are actively seeking ways to travel better? How do you get in front of them? 

In this article, I am going to highlight three ways for you to get in front of more conscious travellers on social media.


Although a lot of influencers have been getting a bad rap in the travel industry for the way they portray travel in a rather shallow way at times, there is this new wave of influencers surfacing on social media who are passionate and exclusively focused on promoting and educating people on responsible and sustainable travel. 

Getting to know these content creators and building relationships with them is a great idea to start identifying who might be a good fit for you to collaborate with: who do you resonate with best? Who has an audience aligned with your target audience? How are they engaging with the content that the influencer is putting out?

When done right, an influencer campaign can tremendously and quickly increase your visibility to your target market.

Large accounts

With the sudden increase in awareness around sustainable travel over the past couple of years, several accounts on instagram have popped up to curate and educate travelers who are looking to have a more positive impact. 

Much like with influencer partnerships, it all starts with identifying which accounts your target audience (conscious travellers) enjoys following on social media and looking at ways you could collaborate. It could be through a guest post for example, a set of stories, an IG collab or perhaps a Live. 

Alternative options to collaborate include simply sharing a post they made and that you really resonate with onto your stories alongside a one-liner as to why you think people should watch/read/comment..etc. and tagging the account in the story. If they repost your story, you then become visible to their audience and pending your message was interesting, you could get people clicking through to your profile.

Likewise, you could comment on their feed posts, which again makes you then visible to their audience (note: for this one to work, put a notification so you can be alerted when they post and then try to be one of the first ones to comment so your comment isn’t buried amongst all the other comments). 

Strategic partnerships

Last but not least, I also encourage you to think outside of the travel industry. What are some ethical brands you know your target market enjoys wearing or uses in their day to day lives? What is their ethos? How does it overlap with what you’re trying to achieve? 

Look at ways you could collaborate with another business through a giveaway or a live for example to increase your visibility to their audience all the while sharing obviously with your own audience so the partnership is mutually beneficial.

Alternatively, you could also follow a similar strategy to the one listed in my previous point and simply share how you use some of their products in your day to day life in your stories, tagging them in and explaining why you love them. If they repost, again, you then become visible to their audience.

The key takeaway across all three of these examples is that for you to get in front of more conscious travellers, you need to first get to know them inside out: what accounts do they like to follow? What podcast do they read? What media do they consume? Who are their favourite creators? What do they watch? What do they wear?

From there, investigate whether any of these creators, brands or outlets could be a good fit for a collaboration, whether a formal collaboration (giveaway, live, influencer campaign…etc.) or an informal collaboration (sharing their content to your story for them to re-post for example or being first to comment on their content).

Was this helpful? Do you have a question? Let me know in the comments below!

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